• The structural characteristics of the winder

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      The winder is the first set of finishing equipment after the paper machine. By the weight of the roll and the friction force of the cold cylinder, the paper under the winder can be wound evenly, so the winder can make the paper more even and meet the needs of different papers.

      Structural features

      1. Retract in the center of the two rewinding shafts and lift in the fixed groove;

      2. Frequency control motor drive;

      3. The constant tension control system is adopted, and the photoelectric automatic correction system is adopted;

      4. Material cut-off automatic stop device, emergency stop function, and keep the tension unchanged;

      5. Tension inflatable shaft is used for unwinding shaft and tension inflatable shaft is used for retracting shaft;

      6. Pneumatic loading mechanism, pneumatic unloading mechanism, pneumatic expansion shaft positioning;

      7. It can be used for cutting different materials;

      8. Equipped with a fan, using wind to blow the leftover material; the length of the material is automatically counted.

      The paper coiler is mainly used to separate large-scale toilet paper from single-layer rewinding into single-layer, two-layer or three-layer specifications of paper tray for folding paper towels, napkins, boxed face towels, etc.

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