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      Papermaking machine is the general name of a complete set of equipment that makes the pulp form a piece of paper in linkage, including the main machine such as headbox, mesh part, pressing part, drying cadre, calender, reeler and transmission part, and auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, heat recovery, etc.

      A machine for making paper from pulp water suspensions that meet the requirements of paper-making through the process of dehydration forming, mechanical extrusion dehydration and drying of the filter screen. The paper machine consists of three main parts: forming, pressing and drying, and is equipped with necessary finishing, coiling and transmission devices, as well as auxiliary systems such as pulp supply, pulp and white water circulation, vacuum, ventilation and exhaust, paper damage treatment and lubrication, automatic control, etc. The specifications of paper machines are usually expressed by the width of the paper, the width of the copper mesh and the optimum working speed. The width of modern large-scale paper machine can reach 11m, the speed of working car can reach over 1000m / min, the daily paper output can reach hundreds of tons, and the weight of the whole machine can reach over thousands of tons, up to over 100 meters. In general developing countries and some special paper production, most of them are small paper machines, whose width is 1-3m and working speed is tens to 200m per minute.

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